Bridging the Skills Gap: Mentoring at Mass Scale

At first blush, the Quest2Matter looks like other programs that encourage young people to become involved in addressing society’s problems.

However, there are three crucial elements that we believe not only differentiate us, but lay the bedrock for wide-ranging and long-lasting success.

  • The FIRST is that mattering is at our core. Our previous post discussed the indisputable evidence that mattering matters, and our mission is to make “mattering” a new way of life. This is not mere talk. This is the new standard where apathy and complacency are not tolerated and inaction is NOT an option.
  • The SECOND element is that we are creating a trove of content to help students understand many of the major problems facing society today, so they can be fully informed when developing an approach to solving them. We’ll also aggregate a mass of completed quests, that, coupled with insight and wisdom from the students who completed these quests, will provide inspiration and guidance to others who follow in their footsteps.
  • The THIRD, and most game-changing, differentiator is our planned mentoring program. We plan to bridge the skills gap for our young leaders through mentoring at mass scale.

The world is changing quickly, and schools aren’t keeping up. Schools also do not encourage students to become bold thinkers, dreamers, and doers.


Every second that a child is “being educated” without the insight, experience, and real-life support from accomplished adults is a wasted opportunity to maximize their education, and their contribution to the world.

– Angela Maiers

Students have boundless energy and enthusiasm for taking action. What they lack is real world savvy and the ability to find authoritative and comprehensive information on how to tackle a problem. They don’t want adults to take over their work; they just want adults to notice their efforts and provide some guidance.

Indeed, the leaders of Genius Hour, a program through which kids get free time every week to work on problems that break their heart, devoted last week’s Twitter chat to the vexing question of how to give adequate feedback to students. Our mentoring program provides the perfect mechanism for doing so.

Our young people are future world-changers who can and will do incredible things. Professional mentors can greatly enhance the students’ contribution by serving as mentors to these amazing young people.

The mere knowledge by students that accomplished professionals take their ideas seriously will profoundly impact the seriousness with which they approach their contribution.

For the mentors, this is an unparalleled opportunity to provide real-time, real life leadership to the emerging leaders of the world.


Our Mentoring Program

We are putting into place two levels of mentors.

One group will mentor the four teams of students that will manage the Quest2Matter.

These students will write articles, create videos, shoot and edit pictures, distribute all of this content through social media, and evaluate the Quests that are submitted.

Each team is being mentored by a professional with expertise in that subject area.

The other level of mentoring that we are putting into place is a mechanism by which students who are working on Quests can ask for help from professionals. We’ll be using a Twitter hashtag and a Facebook page to match up students with mentors.

The mentors come from a wide range of companies and industries. They include the Business Innovation Factory’s network of 400 entrepreneurs, inventors, and transformation artists, and TalentChat, a large online community of professionals focused on the sort of information exchange that is at the heart of our mentoring program.

Please check this blog and our Facebook page or Twitter feed for further details as we further develop this program!